National Nail has added new Starter Clips to its CAMO deck fastening brand, which provide a face-fastening solution for the first and last boards of grooved deck projects. They are designed for use with the CAMO EdgeClip and EdgeXClip, as well as the CAMO DRIVE deck fastening tool and tool guide.

The CAMO clip products are designed not to show above the surface of the deck. "Our customers love the elegant looks, and fastener-free deck surfaces CAMO products help them achieve," says Greg Palmer, director of marketing for National Nail. "Now, CAMO EdgeClips and EdgeXClips have a compatible solution for the perimeter—the first and last boards—with our new Starter Clips.”

Each package of Starter Clips contains 25 clips and 25 screws manufactured from 304 stainless steel, enough to cover 30 linear feet. To install, users line up the clip with the back edge of the joist and the center of the cross joist, fasten the clip at the cross joist, and then tilt and insert the deck board into the clip.

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