Boral Roofing’s Saxony 900 slate roofing tile in the mottled white blend.
Boral Roofing Boral Roofing’s Saxony 900 slate roofing tile in the mottled white blend.

Boral Roofing has introduced a set of six new color blends inspired by beach landscapes to its Saxony 900 slate concrete roof tile collection: the ashen blend, café sand blend, mottled white blend, atmosphere blend, oceana blend, and beach blonde blend.

All six blends are cool neutral shades with undertones of gray, ranging from the dark blue-gray of the oceana blend to the two-tone white and gray of the mottled white blend. These blends are designed to evoke a sense of elegance and reduce visual clutter on a home’s exterior.

“We are introducing these new colors to address demand among home buyers and owners for highly durable and energy efficient roofing tile in lighter, more neutral shades,” says Rich Thomas, marketing product manager. “Through extensive study of consumer trends, Boral Roofing has discovered a growing desire among buyers for their homes to provide sensorial relief from all the technology and information they absorb daily. Exteriors and interiors alike are being designed with less visual clutter and with cooler, reduced color palettes. Our new color collection reflects these shifts.”

All of Boral’s concrete tile systems, which include slate, shake, split shake, Barcelona and villa styles, provide durability against the elements and energy efficiency benefits. According to the 2007 NAHB Study on Life Expectancy of Home Components, concrete tile roofing reduces the heating and cooling demands of a given structure, extending up to 22% long-term in energy cost savings to the owner.

The tile is low-maintenance, and holds a Class-A fire rating. It is made from locally-sourced, naturally occurring material, and is fully recyclable at the end of its anticipated 75-year lifespan. The new colors are available in the southeastern and northeastern U.S., as well as in Quebec.

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