Panasonic is expanding its portfolio of solar energy solutions in 2021 with four new EverVolt solar modules, set to launch in the third quarter, and a redesigned EverVolt battery storage cabinet, available in June.

The new modules include the EverVolt Solar Module Series 380W / 370W, which offer efficiency ratings of 21.7% and 21.2%, respectively, and the EverVolt Solar Module Black Series 370W /360W, which feature sleek all-black aesthetics and offer efficiency ratings of 21.2% and 20.6%, respectively. All four models feature heterojunction cell technology with half-cut cells; a temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C, indicating high performance at high temperatures; and a low annual degradation rate, operating at 92% of original output after 25 years.

The redesigned EverVolt home battery storage cabinet features a smaller footprint than previous models, measuring 29 by 47 by 18 inches, a full 22 inches smaller than previous EverVolt models. This enables homeowners and installers to stack more batteries in a given space. The battery storage is compatible with any solar module system, features AC and DC couplings, and comes connected to a user-friendly app for homeowner use.

"The new modules are the latest technological evolutions in our road map of innovative solutions designed with homeowners' and installers' needs in mind,” says Mukesh Sethi, director, solar and energy storage, at Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. “Interest in solar energy continues to climb, with more homeowners considering complete energy systems inclusive of both panels and storage. Events over the last few years have prompted people to serious consider solar as a backup energy source in case of emergencies, as well as for every day living, as a reliable alternative to the grid.”