Legrand’s existing adorne and radiant smart lighting product collections now offer products with integrated Netatmo smart home technology. This allows users to manage their home’s entire light and power system via the Legrand Home + Control app, including its connected switches, dimmers, and outlets.

“The acquisition of Netatmo in 2018 has afforded Legrand the ability to accelerate development of cutting-edge products and naturally extend our selection of designer switches and outlets,” says Angela Coffman, vice president of marketing and general manager of collections at Legrand. “The adorne and radiant Collections are known for delivering exceptional style and innovative functionality, and by incorporating Netatmo we can elevate spaces with even smarter options for the home, providing unrivaled levels of reliability and flexibility along with advanced design.”

All of the adorne and radiant with Netatmo solutions incorporate a Smart Gateway, which creates a dedicated, Zigbee-based mesh network that strengthens with every device added, provides coverage to large homes or Wi-Fi trouble spots, and supports advanced control of light and power. This Gateway can be installed in a standard electrical box or attached to an existing switch or outlet. The Netatmo-based devices replace existing switches, dimmers, or outlets, or wire exactly like standard devices in new construction. Users can then add these devices to their network, and thus control them, through the Home + Control app.

The system features an open API, offering easy connection to existing systems, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. The new system also offers battery-powered, wireless smart devices, which may be mounted to any wall or surface, including three-way control devices and Home/Away or Wake/Sleep switches. legrand.us

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