INOX is introducing a new interior hardware piece, the TL7 Magnetic Tubular Latch, that uses a magnetic mechanism to latch interior door bolts in place of a strike-plate lip that requires physical force.

According to the manufacturer, the magnet latch allows for quieter and less abrasive mechanical movements in the latch-unlatch process as compared with strike-plate lip bolts, which can show wear and tear after repeated use. The latch’s neodymium magnet—the strongest magnet available for commercial use, according to INOX—keeps the bolt retracted when the door is open and instantly snaps the bolt in place to latch the door when it is closed. The latch and strike are both completely invisible until the door is reopened.

“Residential hardware has become sleeker, quieter, and more functional, and spatial considerations have increased the popularity of doors that are completely flush against the wall,” says Qianyan Cheng, INOX co-founder and vice president of product development. “The TL7 Magnetic Tubular Latch completely rethinks how a latch can operate, and INOX is proud that we have developed this innovative product for interior designers, custom home builders, and homeowners."

The TL7 Magnetic Tubular Latch can be specified and installed for passage and half-passage operations, as well as a locking function, and can be activated with a 28-degree lever turn. The hardware is available in over 30 lever options and a variety of finishes.

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