Designer Doorware presents its own take on industrial design with the KAMEN hardware collection of levers, cabinet knobs and pulls, which features a knurled pattern across most of its slim, cylindrical surfaces.

The KAMEN hardware is crafted using hand-knurling tools rather than a strong grit, instead of a casting process. According to the manufacturer, this method provides a refined look and textural experience. The pattern’s interplay with light provides an iridescent look with a high-gloss finish, or a “natural appeal” with a matte or aged finish.

“Industrial fixtures and accents are popular across a variety of home styles. KAMEN meets this demand, but with a more refined approach,” says James Tsarouhas, product design engineer for Designer Doorware. “The unique knurling pattern and the focus on craftsmanship add a modern edge to the classic look.”

The collection includes cylindrical cabinet knobs, two 5-3/4 inch lever handle styles, and cabinet pulls in four sizes: 4-3/4 inches, 6 inches, 7-1/4 inches and 9-7/8 inches. It is available in Designer Doorware’s full range of finishes, which include Satin Brass, Weathered Brass, Vapour Black and Polished Nickel.