Mobile Security, maker of a wireless security service that builders use during construction and then turn over to new homeowners, now offers connectivity to PDAs. By logging on to, homeowners can use their PDAs to arm or disarm their security systems, view system status, assign and manage user codes for temporary access, and control lights. Homeowners can also receive e-mail and text-message notifications of power outages and alarms. The application runs on any standard PDA, including smart phones such as Treos and BlackBerrys.

HAI's Back Home Automation Inc. took a major hit from Hurricane Katrina last year, but the company is back in action. It recently introduced Lumina, a low-cost lighting product geared for home buyers that want the security and comfort of automated lighting, but not a full security system. Lumina starts at about $1,000. Home buyers can set gentle lights for the morning, low lights for a home theater, or “all off” for the end of the day. Lumina runs over the power line, which means that it can run over standard electrical wires. The product also integrates with HAI's OmniStat thermostat and Omni touchscreens that support multiroom audio. Visit for more information.