Lever Architecture

Oregon recently approved an addendum to its building code that allows timber structures to be built over six stories without having to acquire special permission, reports Curbed's Liz Stinson. The state is the first in the U.S. to do so, and the change now recognizes mass timber as a safe and viable mode of construction going forward.

The state splits mass timber into three new classifications—buildings over 18 stories (270 feet), buildings with a maximum height of 12 stories (or 180 feet), and buildings that rise nine stories (or 85 feet). All three classifications have different requirements, with the tallest buildings being required to enclose all exposed timber surfaces and pass a three-hour fire-resistance rating for its structural pieces. At lower heights, the buildings can expose their lovely timber bones.

In June 2017, Oregon green lit the country’s tallest wooden tower, though that project has now been put on hold for market reasons, including inflation and rising construction costs.

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