Prices of aluminum hurricane shutters are on the rise. Hurricane shutters are one of many metal-based products feeling the ripple effects of President Trump's 10% tariff on North American and European aluminum. According to WEAR-TV in Florida, suppliers of products like aluminum shutters in storm-vulnerable northwest Florida are already seeing the impacts of the tariff.

"At least the talk of the tariff has even accelerated the pricing," said Scott McCartney with First Choice Home Improvements. "Because you can't wait until the day the prices increase. You have to anticipate that in the industry at least 30 days in advance."

Suppliers said customers could pay at least 20-percent more because of the tariff.

"We're paying quite a bit more for that product, which is just then passed down through production, installation and eventually to the consumer," McCartney said.

McCartney told WEAR-TV that fabric shields and impact resistant windows are viable, cost-effective alternatives to aluminum shutters for storm protection.

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