The ForceField Corner Seal is Georgia-Pacific’s newest addition to its line of ForceField products, which are made to be used with the ForceField Air & Water Barrier System.

The Corner Seal is a strip of semi-rigid polypropylene, 4” wide and 0.03” thick, which can be bent along the “living hinge” in the center of the strip for both interior and exterior corner use. The strip is designed to provide total coverage over one of the most difficult areas of a home to seal, which in turn provides additional protection against air and water intrusion.

The strip is sold in 200 foot rolls. It is recommended for use with GP’s ForceField Seam Tape, which can be used along with staples to seal the strip in place.

The ForceField system uses wood sheathing panels laminated with a proprietary air and water barrier to provide a code-compliant alternative to traditional house wrap systems. The Corner Seal is designed to be installed directly onto the ForceField sheathing panels.

Specifications and installation instructions for the ForceField Corner Seal, as well as more information about Georgia-Pacific’s ForceField Air & Water Barrier System and associated products, can be found at