FORMADECK is a post, joist and drop head system designed to maximize labor productivity and reduce formwork cycle time. The components are few and include high-capacity post shores with drop heads, aluminum girders and LVL joists. The FORMADECK system uses an 8-foot by 8-foot and 8-foot by 6-foot grid pattern, easy to handle components, and drop heads for early retrieval and cycling of girders, joists and plywood. The ability to install the system from the ground with simple light-weight components results in added safety and overall ease of use. The only tool that is needed to erect and dismantle the system is a hammer.

FORMADECK is ideal for use on projects:
1. Where a regular grid system will speed productivity due to flat plate with long runs and limited number of drop beams.
2. Large areas where the geometry of the slab and column separation is regular
3. Projects where fast shoring cycle times are required.

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