CertainTeed’s new Terminus Trim line of ceiling trim finishing products is designed to form a clean perimeter around portions of suspended ceilings with exposed edges, including clouds, peninsulas or transitions to drywall.

The trim components are made from a single piece of extruded aluminum, and feature a double-grooved channel for increased strength. It is available in five edge details - straight, straight semi-concealed, fin, fin semi-concealed and drywall - to fit concealed grid designs, lay-in panels or drywall transition points.

Additional specifications include a variety of profile heights, factory-mitered corner kits, and square, round, or angled corner posts. White and black finishes are available as standard, with an array of custom color options.

The Terminus Trim is manufactured in partnership with architectural metals fabricator Fry Reglet Corporation. “The agreement marks an important step in ensuring the quality, consistency, and reliability of Terminus Trim and the continued expansion of the CertainTeed portfolio of high-caliber suspension systems and components,” says Tom Murray, suspension systems product manager for CertainTeed. “This agreement opens the door to the possibility of future product innovations.”

The product’s ten-year warranty extends to 15 years when installed with CertainTeed ceiling panels. certainteed.com

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