This year, the emphasis is on the envelope as barrier, insulation, and structural product manufacturers work to strike a balance between a sealed, well-insulated home and a healthy, well-ventilated home. The newest building blocks in builders’ product sets include innovative drainage systems, air and water barriers, new flashing and sealing membranes, and highly efficient insulation options. Read on to find the products that are right for your project.


The DensDefy Accessories line provides a new liquid flashing and transition membrane for the DensElement gypsum board barrier system. DensDefy Liquid Flashing creates an elastomeric flashing membrane made to seal seams, rough openings, and other penetration points in wall assemblies, and eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape. It is available in 20 oz. sausages. The DensDefy Transition Membrane, available in 6, 9 or 12-inch rolls, is designed to seal the transition between OSB and gypsum assemblies, as well as wide gaps or other difficult transition points. Both products are designed to withstand up to 12 months of environmental exposure.

OX Engineered Products

OX Seam Tape’s acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive serves as a closure system and vapor seal on interior and exterior sheathing systems alike. It is designed for use on select OX structural products, including OX-IS Structural Sheathing, and is suitable for new construction use as well as repair on all vapor barriers, according to the manufacturer. Each roll measures 165 feet long and 2 7/8-inches wide.



The reformulated edition of the DynaGrip Heavy Duty construction adhesive, designed to provide stronger and more durable bonds than previous editions of the product, as well as 50% more instant grab. This allows the adhesive to hold vertical projects in place without the need for braces or clamps. The new formula is low-odor, VOC-regulation compliant, and provides excellent adhesion on common building materials. It is available in five, nine, and 28-ounce containers.


GCP Applied Technologies

The PERM-A-BARRIER VPS 30 permeable air barrier membrane is designed to adhere directly to a concrete, CMU or exterior gypsum wall assembly. Because the membrane does not require primer, its installation process is up to 35% faster than traditional systems, according to the manufacturer and does not require rollers, waste disposal or additional material costs. It is compatible with existing GCP air barrier and flashing products, including rubberized asphalt products.


The newly upgraded TW-105 Flashing Membrane is a self-adhering, SBS-modified bitumen membrane for balcony, breezeway and wall-floor intersection details. It is for use with TAMKO’s waterproofing product line, including the TW-60 waterproofing membrane, TWM-1 Mastic, and assorted adhesive primers. New product features include white polymer surface film to provide UV resistance for 180 days from the application date, up from 60 in the previous edition. The membrane is available in 12-inch by 40-foot rolls.

Boise Cascade

Boise Cascade has relaunched its 2.1E Versa-Lam LVL, or laminated veneer lumber, beams and headers with increased modulus of elasticity (MOE) grades. The manufacturer aims to simplify the process of designing wood structures by shifting to a more widely-used method, and updated its software design engine with the new grades in April 2019. Versa-Lam LVL product code reports will continue to be published with both True E and Apparent E values.

Simpson Strong-Tie InstallationPhoto

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie’s MPBZ moment post base is now available in an 8x8 size, the largest moment post base in the MPBZ lineup and the only 8x8 moment post base to receive ICC-ES code listing. All products in the MBPZ line are designed to enable more expansive openings in outdoor living spaces. Features include a 12-gauge steel body, weep holes for water drainage, Strong-Drive SDS heavy-duty connection screws for installation, and a ZMAX coating for corrosion protection.


Icynene’s OC No-Mix spray-foam insulation provides a continuous high-performance air barrier inside a home or commercial space, which reduces heat transfer, manages moisture, and creates energy savings for buyers. The formula requires no mixing on site, saving time and costs for contractors, and may be spray-applied in a wide range of climates and temperatures. It is recommended for use in “critical” insulation areas, including cavity walls, vented and unvented crawl spaces and attics, and floor, ceiling and interior roof assemblies.


The Strait-Flex Gold paper-faced composite corner bead replaces ClarkDietrich’s Mid-Flex 250 corner bead. Its memory-free hinge adjusts to create perfect 90-degree and off-angle corners. A composite structural backing offers durability and impact resistance, and its heavy-weight diamond punched paper provides enhanced adhesion for reduced edge cracking. Finishing compound is not required over the corner bead. It is available in 100-foot rolls, which may be cut to fit the project.



The HYDRODRY system combines a series of five components – the EZ Vent, Ultra drain profile, Amiflow Midwall, HYDRODRY rainscreen, and AMICO drain screed - to create a dedicated drainage and ventilation cavity for use behind veneer stone, masonry siding, and stucco exterior cladding. Taken together, the system can drain up to 150 gallons of water per hour from within the wall cavity, and vent water vapor through the top of the wall at a rate of 0.8 pounds per hour, according to independent product analysis. The rainscreen component extends across the length of the wall, and features a high compression rate and Class A fire rating.


The re-engineered EZ Stab acoustical ceiling suspension systems offer improvements focused on greater installation speed and flexibility, as well as greater strength and torsional rigidity. All new systems include CertainTeed’s Latitude Holes, which allow for more hanger wire options, and a redesigned EZ Clip for lower insertion force and easier removability. Additional features include wider slots, two rows of enhanced continuous stitching, and centering tabs on 9/16-inch products. Enhanced products include Elite Narrow, Classic, Classic Aluminum Capped, Classic Environmental, and Cleanroom systems.

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