Courtesy Brixel

Curbed's Liz Stinson shares a look at Brixels, brick-like pieces of material that combine "brick" and "pixels".

Conceptualized by New York-based design studio Breakfast, the product is controlled via an app that can rotate on command to a specific position, "one-upping the regular old brick by turning a facade into a kinetic surface."

Breakfast designed a series of Brixels that range in size, shape, color and material, from wood rectangles to gilded diamonds (Brixels are endlessly customizable, the creators say). To showcase the wonder of the Brixel, Breakfast created Brixel Mirror, a 16 by 9 foot installation made from 540 black and mirrored pieces. As the rectangles spin around, they create a shimmering effect before displaying the word BRIXEL.

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