Courtesy Toto

A new toilet from Toto shatters the ceiling for what consumers will pay for a top-of-the-line luxury loo with an eye-popping $12,000 pricetag.

The Neorest AC is equipped with similar features as the manufacturer's $10,000 Neorest 750H, including heated seats, auto open/auto close, warm, aerated water, and warm air drying. In addition, the new model comes with a sleek new wall-mounted system to save space in the bathroom and provide a customizable height for users.

In addition, the seamless bowl interior with a concave rim channels high-speed water jets so that each flush effectively removes matter, debris, stains, residue, and limescale, as it provides superior bowl and rim cleansing action, the firm says. An incoming water supply pre-mists the bowl’s surface, preventing waste’s adherence 80% better than a dry bowl. A UV light in the seat is activated when the lid is closed, accelerating the decomposition of all organic substances in the bowl at the cellular level.

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