The Infinity Drain Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base, new this month from Infinity Drain, is designed both for ease of installation and long lasting water protection. The base comes with a lifetime guarantee against waterproofing failure, and the product does leak, Infinity Drain will bear the cost of labor, removal and replacement with the same materials originally used.

“From the 512 linear drains customized for the TWA hotel at the JFK Airport to the bathrooms and spas at the renowned One57 building located in the epicenter of New York, we have worked with the best in the business to meticulously craft customized drain systems that match exact specifications in a range of applications,” says Jonathan Brill, President of Infinity Drain. “We’re excited to offer another innovative, customizable solution that makes shower installation a far more seamless experience.”

The base is packaged pre-sloped, ready to tile, and does not require additional waterproofing on the walls, eliminating the need to perform or coordinate those installation steps. It is available curbed or curbless in custom sizes, and installers may pair the base with any grate style or insert.