Easy Sanitary Solutions (ESS) is offering a new series of recessed wall storage niches—the C-BOX by ESS—that offer builders, installers, and designers a wide mix of design possibilities in practical, minimalist aesthetics.

The C-BOX wall niches are crafted from stainless steel and are completely waterproof, designed for use inside showers, next to tubs, or as an alternative to traditional medicine cabinets. The modules can be mounted at depths of up to 2 inches, allowing for an entirely recessed look, and installers may choose to use them alone, in pairs, or in unique configurations, as shown.

According to ESS, the C-BOX arrangements provide both a point of visual interest and use for otherwise unused wall space.

The boxes are available in square, horizontal rectangle, or vertical rectangle configurations ranging from 6 to 24 inches in length. Finish options include stainless steel, white, crème, black, and anthracite. easydrainusa.com

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