Since the birth of the iPhone in 2007, apps have changed the way people do almost everything. Now, homeowners are turning to mobile applications to power their homes. Here is a list of 7 of the most innovative apps that can homes smarter.

1. Smart Thermostats:  With retrofit options like Nest or BUILDER editor Sandra Malm's pick—the Comfort Sync Thermostat—there is a growing market for apps and systems that sync your devices to your thermostat.

2. Keyless Entry: Losing track of spare keys will never be an issue again with the emergence of products like the Keyless Deadbolt by Schlage or Lockitron. Want to let someone in? These app/product combinations allow remote locking and unlocking from cell phones.

3. Garage / Lighting: LiftMaster's MyQ Technology gives homeowners control of their garage doors, gates, and interior lighting with the touch of a screen.

4. Beats: Make the music follow you with a Sonos wireless Hi-Fi system.

5. Security: Products like Vivint Home Security allow homeowners to remotely monitor their homes and security systems.

6. Feed the cat: Going away for a weekend? Monitor Kitty's food with Pintofeed—an Indiegogo project that recently exceeded its $50,000 funding goal.

7. Make coffee:Scanomat has undoubtedly come up with one of the niftiest pairings of smartphone and home appliance. Finally, you can make coffee from your iPhone.

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