GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, recently released a report on consumer sentiment throughout process of buying a home, identifying the areas where most buyers believe there is significant room for builders to improve their services


GEA set out to uncover and improve the pain points that impact consumers in the appliance shopping portion of the home-buying journey. The company strove to build a deeper understanding of the needs and experiences of home buyers when they build a new home and how appliance purchasing factors into this process. The report combines the research learnings into an eight-step journey of the new-home building process that highlights several opportunities for builders to improve the buyer experience.


Buyers experience four primary pain points during the appliance purchasing step of the buying process. Each of these pain points is an opportunity for builders to provide more value and win more business.

  • CAN’T SEE APPLIANCES - Homeowners need to see the appliances before they choose them. Builders can win over customers by providing homeowners with options for viewing.
  • LACK OF CHOICES - Homeowners want more ways to bring their ideas to life, which includes appliances that fit the builder’s capabilities. Providing more choices that fit each home can increase satisfaction.
  • LACK OF GUIDANCE - Builders are the most trusted source during the home building process, but not all are informed on appliance options. Being knowledgeable about appliance offerings is a must.
  • NO ONE-STOP SOLUTION - Current appliance packages lack the variety desired by homeowners, leading them to shop elsewhere. By offering curated brands and packages for different audiences, builders can keep more appliance business.

Homeowners are willing to spend more for the areas that matter, and appliances are no exception—in fact, appliances are one of the most prioritized upgrade opportunities. Builders can increase the likelihood of upgrades by addressing the pain points many buyers experience throughout the home buying journey.

To learn more about the research findings and how builders can increase home buyer satisfaction, download the full report here.