The UltraFresh Front Load Washer by GE Appliances.
GE Appliances The UltraFresh Front Load Washer by GE Appliances.

Following two and a half years of research and testing, GE Appliances has created a system of innovations designed to keep front-loading washers fresh and clean and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, set to launch with the UltraFresh Front Load washer series in early 2020.

According to GE Appliances, 46% of consumers say that mold and odor issues are among their top concerns with front-load washer use. While wiping down the washer and leaving the door open after use alleviates this issue, many owners did not want to do this, and one in two front load owners moved back to top-load washers because of issues associated with smell and maintenance.

“Consumers are searching for solutions and coming up with ways to put a bandage on the issue, like cleaning the washer after each use, wiping down the gasket and most commonly propping the door open,” says Peter Pepe, vice president of product management for laundry at GE Appliances. “Our new UltraFresh Front Load washer is the first in the industry to solve for the issues that lead to stink, making care and maintenance along with laundry chores much easier for the consumer.”

The UltraFresh Front Load washers alleviate these issues with a trio of solutions:

  • A wider gasket, angled to allow water to drain after each cycle, reduces the moisture left inside the washer after a cycle.
  • The UltraFresh Vent System with Odorblock, activated at the touch of a button, circulates fresh air through the door, gasket and basket.
  • The gasket, dispenser and pump are treated with a Microban antimicrobial additive, designed to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Additional UltraFresh Front Load washer features include a SmartDispense system, which automatically dispenses liquid laundry detergent based on load size; Dynamic Balancing Technology to sense balanced loads, a higher-capacity drum; and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The UltraFresh Front Load washers will be available in White and Diamond finishes, as well as two new matte finishes, Satin Nickel and Sapphire Blue. MSRPs will range from $899 to $1,199 depending on size and feature sets.

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