Whether the industry is thriving or having a rough time, homebuilders can rest assured in the simple fact that their jobs can never be shipped overseas. As we take a break to celebrate Independence Day with friends, fireworks, and great American barbecues, Builder tips its hat to the homebuilders that make America the best place to live, and the manufacturers that help them build the American dream from the ground up. To that end, here are 21 building products made right here in the United States. Give them a try the next time you break ground on American soil.

Black Horse Studio

Amarr Coastal Collection

Get a taste of America's east coast style with Amarr's Coastal Collection vinyl garage doors. The low-maintenance doors measure 1 7/16 inches thick with a 3/8-inch vinyl face and ABS-laminated polystyrene. The solid vinyl exterior resist rust and dents. Two traditional and eight carriage style doors are available in the Nantucket and Hatteras designs. The doors come in standard UV-resistant white and do not require finishing. Amarr | 800.503.3667 | amarr.com

Aquatic Tub-Shower

Get a pared-down, streamlined look without sacrificing storage space in Aquatics's new CAE260S tub-shower. The modern, domeless design is sized for a typical tub alcove at 60 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 80 inches tall. Four large toiletry shelves and bathing well with no armrests yields a roomy, upgraded design. Customize the unit with a brushed nickel or silver frame finishes, shower doors, and ADA-compliant grab bars. Aquatic | 800.945.2726 | aquaticbath.com

Barricade Floor Underlayment

Barricade Building Products has added underlayment to its growing product portfolio. New Floor & Tile Underlayment features two layers of kraft paper laminated with a polymer. Designed with optimal permeance to slow moisture vapor originating below the floor system, the material lets wood flooring acclimate gradually to help prevent cupping or buckling. Floor & Tile Underlayment contains no asphalt and, unlike poly film, will not allow moisture to be trapped between the film and the subfloor. Barricade Building Products | 877.832.0333 | barricadebp.com

CertainTeed Roofing
Several new ventilation products have been added to CertainTeed's roofing product line. The Ridge Vent is available in 7-, 9-, and 12-inch widths, with both filtered and unfiltered options. Comprised of co-polymer, the vents are designed to remain sturdy, nailable, and flexible, and feature reinforced ribs for greater stability and rigidity. The Rolled Ridge Vent, also available in filtered or unfiltered versions, is designed for fast installation on 3/12 to 12/12 roof pitches. The new Intake Vent can be installed on shingled roofs with or without overhangs, and helps supplement existing soffits or undereave vents. The design allows air to flow into the attic and helps prevent heat build-up and ice dams. CertainTeed | 800.233.8990 | certainteed.com

Coastal Gridscape Shower Doors
Get a French door feel for your shower with Coastal's Gridscape series. The modern design features rust-proof anodized aluminum panes with an oil-rubbed bronze panes finish and clear glass. Unlike other designs that blend into their surroundings, Gridscape doors stand out as their own design element. What's more is that the doors aren't just suited for showers. Try a multi-panel configuration as an eye-catching room divider. Gridscape doors are available as standard swinging shower doors, a standalone panel, and a bypass sliding shower door. Coastal Shower Doors | 800.874.8601 | coastalind.com


Danver Outdoor Kitchens

From outdoor cooking appliances to the stainless steel cabinetry to finish off your outdoor kitchen, Danver has a range of options to elevate the all-American cookout. The company's popular stainless steel cabinetry features weather-resistant finishes, a maintenance-free protective coating, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Look for seven new nature-inspired cabinetry colors to accent outdoor living spaces. The colors, including browns, coppers, and champagne tones, supplement a catalog of four original color options, and are applied with a durable powder coating process. Danver | 888.441.0537 | danver.com

DaVinci Roofscapes Bellaforte Tiles

Builders of green homes have found DaVinci Roofscapes Bellaforte polymer roof tiles to have a range of benefits over asphalt shingles. In addition to impact- and fire-resistance, the lack of asphalt particles to contend with makes Bellaforte tiles a helpful vehicle in delivering cleaner rainwater into rain collection barrels. Backed by a 50-year limited warranty, Bellaforte Slate roofing tiles have the look of natural slate, but offer a higher level of durability at a lighter weight. A square of Bellaforte tiles (with 100 12-inch tiles per square), weighs just 190 pounds, which helps reduce transportation costs and installation time. The non-porous tiles resist curling, cracking, fading, mold, and pests under normal conditions. DaVinci RoofScapes | 800.328.4624 | davinciroofscapes.com

Del Conca Tudor Stone Tile

As the North American subsidiary of an Italian ceramic tile group Del Conca USA now produces high-quality porcelain tile in America. The maker uses advanced tile production processes, including digital technology, to create the contemporary Tudor Stone collection. The glazed porcelain tile features the look of natural stone in 12x24-, 12x12-, and 6x24-inch formats suitable for residential or commercial installations. Choose from gray, beige, noce, and bianco colorways. Del Conca USA | 865.657.3550 | delconcausa.com

GAF Cobra Hip Vent

Get 9 square inches of net free ventilating area per linear foot with the new Cobra Hip Vent, designed for roofs with little or no ridge. The vent includes a unique Dual Weather Fighter filter to help prevent weather infiltration through and under the vent. With a low 5/8-inch shingle-over profile, the vent nearly disappears into the roof when installed. Installers will appreciate that the vent can be quickly installed with a nail gun, and requires no caulking. Three coils of 1 3/4-inch coil nails are included. GAF |973.628.3000 | gaf.com

Marvin OXXO Ultimate Glider
Create an easy pass-through from indoor to outdoor kitchens with Marvin's newly re-engineered Ultimate Glider window. In the new OXXO configuration, non-operational O panels flank two center-sash X panels that can slide to each side creating an unobstructed opening. The concealed multi-point lock doesn't distract from the window's clean lines, and an auto-lock system means the window locks automatically when closed for peace of mind. Choose from window dimensions up to 14 feet wide and 6 feet tall for impressive spans and views. Marvin | 888.537.7828 | marvin.com

Brad Lampe Synergy Photographic

ODL Brisa Screen Door
Half an hour and a cordless drill can give your next project a taste of the indoor-outdoor living that homeowners are looking for. The Brisa retractable screen door works with in-swing, out-swing, and sliding doors with an outer-face mount design to optimize door width and outdoor views. The Quick-Snap aluminum track fits easily into the screen housing and adjusts to match the width of the door. Brisa fits most popular door sizes 32 to 36 inches, and can be customized to doors as narrow as 28 inches with just two cuts. The EZ-Glide Control System lets the screen open and close smoothly, and a small locking latch offers security from the inside. ODL | 866.635.4968 | odl.com

OSI Quad Max Sealants

With data showing that 99% of window and door failures are caused by improper installation, OSI's Quad Max line is designed to seal more effectively and help eliminate call-backs. After three years of research and development, the new Quad Max formula offers strong adhesion to a wider variety of building materials than other sealants, including vinyl, fiber cement, EIFS, glass, and flashing tape. With five times stretch and 50% joint movement, the sealant helps improve stability over time, even as construction materials expand and contract. Other features include enhanced UV resistance, cold and wet surface application, 24-hour fast cure, and color matching to more than 4,600 siding and window manufacturers' color palettes. The new product line will be available beginning August 2014. OSI | 800.624.7767 | ositough.com


Overhead Door Thermacore Collection

Overhead Door's Thermacore collection just got a style boost with two new bi-directional woodgrain color finishes, two new paint finishes, and five new window configurations. Thermacore doors feature a continuous layer of foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel. With the new finishes, the doors now offer up to R-17.5 on the inside with walnut or golden oak woodgrain, or black or gray paint finishes on the outside. Add Stockbridge windows in 2-3 or 2-4 configurations, or Stockton windows in 2-4, 2-6, or 2-8 configurations. Each window features thinner mullions than other designs, and 33% less plastic around the perimeter to increase the natural light. Overhead Door | 800.275.3290 | overheaddoor.com

Progressive Foam Siding Insulation
Improve the appearance and performance of siding in two ways with LineBacker Siding Insulation. Straight, parallel guide lines on the insulation help simplify installation of plank-style siding by providing a ledge for each plank to rest against. Simultaneously, LineBacker levels the sheathing beneath the siding, to allow boards to sit smooth and straight. Designed for use under plank-style siding, such as fiber cement or composite wood, LineBacker is available in standard EPS or LineBacker Premium Series made of BASF's Neopor material, which incorporates graphite particles to further increase R-value by up to 20% over conventional EPS. Progressive Foam | 800.860.3626 | progressivefoam.com

RangeCraft Custom Range Hoods

Not sure where to start with your custom range hood design? RangeCraft can fabricate just about any hood you can dream up, but several classic styles are also available to choose from. The Canterbury design, shown, is available in wall- or ceiling-mounted models and features smoothly rounded corners that can be dressed with rivets and decorative banding. Choose from materials including copper, brass, stainless steel, or any combination thereof, all available in mirror or antique finishes. Halogen lights and patented Micro baffle filters come standard. RangeCraft | 877.724.6637 | rangecraft.com

Rollex Steel Siding
Aurora Steel Siding feature a proprietary energy-saving topcoat with reflective pigments that help deflect the sun's heat and reduce home cooling costs. The Energy Star-compliant Nova-UVX4000 coating has embedded nylon fibers to impart scratch and abrasion resistance for durability. The low-gloss finish is designed to closely resemble painted wood surfaces, and carries a 35-year warranty against chalking and fading, and a 50-year warranty against hail protection. The siding is guaranteed not to rust, peel, or crack. Available in eight colors, Aurora siding profiles include double 4-inch and double 5-inch horizontal, double 5-inch lap, single 8-inch horizontal, and vertical board-and-batten. Rollex | 800.251.3300 | rollex.com

Trex Transcend Decking
The Transcend decking collection includes a new light gray color designed to be a cooler complement to the collection's three existing tropical-inspired shades and five earth tones. Island Mist's silvery shade feature realistic streaking that mimics the natural look and feel of aged tropical hardwood. Each Transcend decking color is designed to coordinate with six Transcend railing colors. Modular construction offers design flexibility so contractors and their clients can mix and match balusters, posts, and top rails for a customized outdoor living space. Trex | 800.289.8739 | trex.com

USP Epoxies
Three of USP's latest epoxies are formulated right here in the States. CIA-GEL 7000 Masonry-Approved Epoxy is formulated to attach anchor bolts into fully-grouted concrete masonry units (CMU), uncracked concrete, and reinforced brick. The two-component material mixes in a 1-to-1 ratio through a provided nozzle, and is approved for seismic, sustained load, elevated temperature, and freeze-thaw conditions. For general purpose tasks, CIA-GEL 6000-GP quick cure epoxy is ideal for structural applications that require quick load times, and for doweling applications that require state DOT approval. You'll get a 20 minute working time at approved temperatures between 35 and 115F. Residential contractors will appreciate Miracle Bond high-strength epoxy for bonding household materials, including wood, steel, concrete, brick, stone, and CMU block. Miracle bond has a strength of more than 1,000 psi over two days with an initial quick-cure of two hours at 75F. All three epoxies are solvent-free. CIA-GEL 7000 and CIA-GEL 6000-GP are both two-component formulations. USP Structural Connectors | 800.328.5934 | uspconnectors.com

Versatex Exterior Trim

Versatex is offering builders and contractors the convenience of custom-milled and fabricated cellular PVC trim components directly from the manufacturer. The new Versatexural made-to-order program saves time and labor in the process of creating tailored trim designs, thanks to the manufacturer's fine dimensional tolerances and experience in working with PVC. Versatexural will be available through many Versatex distributor and stocking dealers around the country. The Marting Hall cupola on the campus of Baldwin Wallace University is one example of Versatexural's capabilities. The range of applications for the program includes crafting moldings, gingerbread, corbels, railings, window surrounds, shutters, and more. Versatex | 330.718.0040 | versatexural.com

Wellborn Cabinetry
Elements of two existing door styles came together to create Davenport, a simple full-overlay door featuring a solid wood raised center panel. Stiles from the Henlow door plus the center panel from the popular Rose Hall door help bring Davenport to life. Customers have the option of a traditional arch or more linear, square styling. Both Davenport Arch and Davenport Square offer a standard slab drawer front and a classic drawer front option. Choose from cherry, maple, or oak in a wide variety of finishes in Wellborn's Premier Series, Elegant Bath collection, and Estate Custom collection. Wellborn Cabinet | wellborn.com

Weyerhaeuser SturdiStep
SturdiStep stair treads are engineered for uniformity and durability to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional pine treads. Designed to be straight, flat, and free of knots, the maker says SturdiStep are the only wood stair treads that carry a warranty (30 years) against delamination, cupping, warping, and splitting. Low moisture content means the treads are less prone to squeaks caused by shrinkage, and the durable treads can withstand the heavy traffic of a construction site, helping to eliminate the hassle of installing and replacing temporary treads. The field-trimmable treads come in three dimensions and feature bullnose edges. Weyerhaeuser | 888.453.8358 | woodbywy.com

Lauren Hunter is chief editor of products for Hanley Wood. You can find her on Twitter at @ProductsHunter.