The 2020 International Builders' Show (IBS) and Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) kicked off Tuesday, with copious amounts of industry manufacturers proudly debuting their latest and greatest home products. Here is a roundup of products that you can find on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Folks at the NanaWall booth at IBS were busy opening, closing, and sliding the company’s latest product launch, the SL84 aluminum framed system. With its slim frame profile intersection of just 3 7/8 inches, SL84’s four-fold and six-fold panels can reach a maximum height of up to 11 feet, 6 inches, and widths up to 3 feet, 7 inches. The manufacturer’s TwinX mechanism reduces the number of exposed panel hinges by serving as a spring-loaded structural reinforcement that locks the panels together when the system is closed. When it’s open, the panel sets can be moved and stacked to either side of the opening, which maximizes layout flexibility. The system is available in inswing or outswing configurations, can accommodate open corner designs, and offers three sill options: hybrid, low-profile saddle sill, and flush. The running carriage rolls on two stainless steel wheels with a Gothic arch design supported by a double row of ball bearings. With two-point contact of each wheel to the floor track, the system glides quickly and easily by equally distributing weight on the stainless steel track.

MoistureShield’s Elevate capped wood composite decking is now available nationally after a limited release in 2019. Elevate decking features a strong, protective cap which shields each board from impact, corrosion, and harsh weather. The product is available in two colors: Lake Fog (pictured), a soft gray shade, and Canoe, a forest brown. The product is also a finalist for Most Innovative Building Product at IBS.

The ProSlat system utilizes a series of boards and hooks to create a built-in garage storage and organization system. The ProSlat boards are modeled after siding assemblies, with tongue-and-groove fittings that work to create a streamlined appearance. The system measures 24 feet wide, designed to cover the length of a garage wall, and is available in two kit sizes—4 and 8 feet high.

Tando displayed two new color options to its existing composite stone veneer profiles, Nordic Mist and Glacier Stone. The new colors are derived from current trends toward neutrals and light grays on housing exteriors, intended to complement darker shake and siding options to the same structure. Both color options feature Tando’s TruGrit, a matte texture with a low-gloss appearance and gritty feel. The stone profiles are designed for easy installation and moisture resistance and may be used in roofline or ground-level applications.

The Marvin Skycove is a glass alcove structure that arrives to the jobsite fully constructed, and may be integrated into an existing home design using standard finishing techniques. The alcove is built on a steel structure designed to hold a heavier load than the average outdoor deck, and includes bottom insulation, a fiberglass exterior structure, and a choice of dual or triple-pane glass. The integrated bench adds 16 to 20 additional square feet to a home, depending on the structure size. Also new this year is the Marvin Awaken skylight, which is sized to fit within standard rafter widths and features a hidden parameter screen that does not interfere with exterior views. An optional smart features package includes integrated LED lighting and smart venting operation.

GP has expanded its existing DensElement gypsum board system with new flashing products in the DensDefy Accessories line. The DensDefy Liquid Flashing is a flexible liquid flashing, available in 20-ounce sausages. It is made to seal seams, rough openings, and other penetration points in wall assemblies, and eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape. The DensDefy Transition Membrane, available in 6, 9 or 12-inch rolls, is designed to seal the transition between OSB and gypsum assemblies, as well as wide gaps or other difficult transition points. Both products are designed to withstand up to 12 months of environmental exposure.

CAMO Fasteners
National Nail’s CAMO fastening brand displayed its CAMO DRIVE tool and its three guides to fasten CAMO face screws, CAMO Edge Screws, and CAMO EdgeClips. DRIVE is a collated stand-up deck fastening tool designed to save contractors time, get them off their knees, and save their backs. Using the CAMO DRIVE tool can result in a deck installation in one-fifth the standard installation time, according to the manufacturer.

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