Dads do so much, they deserve more than one day of recognition. So whether you're celebrating Father's Day, his birthday, or just any ol' day to surprise Dad with something he deserves, we've got the list for you. From dads that are handy to dads that want to hang out, here are 10 gift ideas for your special guy.

The Coyote Asado Smoker makes a perfect complement to outdoor kitchens. The smoker features heat-resistant ceramic construction and a Coyote Signature Smoking Grate to let outdoor chefs smoke, bake, sear, or grill ingredients in one component without modifier accessories. The Asado Smoker offers 254 square inches of cooking surface and an adjustable venting system to maintain precise cooking temperatures. This model can be used in an optional cart with side shelves, or can be seamlessly built into an outdoor kitchen island. Look for pricing around $1,260.

Husky has improved workbench ergonomics with a unique adjustable-height benchtop on the 52-inch 10-drawer Mobile Workbench. A removable crank handle raises and lowers the 1-inch-thick solid wood top to anywhere between 38 and 48 inches above the floor. The design allows for more user comfort when standing up to work. In addition to the 10 storage drawers of varying depths, the unit also makes storage space available under the bench top, accessible when it's raised. Heavy, 21-gauge steel construction is strong enough to support 1,000 pounds on large, 5-by-2-inch casters that make the workstation easy to move even when fully loaded. Priced at $348.

Inkzall Jobsite Highlighters
Inkzall Jobsite Highlighters

Milwaukee's popular Inkzall marker line now includes jobsite highlighters. While other highlighters can easily wear down and "mushroom" after use on the jobsite, Inkzall Jobsite Highlighters are designed with a durable tip the will stay sharp longer and deliver up to four times longer cap-off life. The highlighters' ink is bleed- and smear-resistant. An anti-roll design, plus hard hat clips and lanyard holes make it easy to secure the highlighters and keep them from getting lost. A five-pack of all-yellow or assorted highlighter colors is priced at $5.99.


Craft a special gift for dad, or let him do it himself with Rockler's new Grill Tools Hardware Kit. The kit includes hardware for a slotted spatula, gripping tongs, and a basting brush. Users can then select their own blanks and shape them into custom handles for a unique look and feel. Attach the handles to the hardware either with included threaded inserts, or with epoxy. Each Grill Tool Hardware Kit is made of heavy-duty, food-grade steel components, except for the basting brush, which features heat-resistant silicone. The slotted spatula has one serrated edge for cutting. Both the spatula and brush include metal loop caps, which allow users to attach a tie for hanging storage. Priced at $70 online.

Get the benefit of two oscillating angles - 3.4 and 5 degrees - with the new F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter from Rockwell. The 5-degree oscillating angle is ideal for projects that demand faster, more aggressive cuts, while the 3.4-degree angle gives the user more continuous control. Though wider operating angles can cause unwanted vibration, the maker combats this by employing a counterweight inside the tool to offset the movement and provide a smoother cut. The tool also features a tapered, compact body powered by a 4.2 amp motor, accommodates a maximum cutting load of 35 pounds of force, and operates five times faster than the maker's basic Sonicrafter model. Users can also take advantage of the Rockwell Universal Fit accessory system, which allows Sonicrafter tools to accept other major brands' accessories without adapters. Priced at $159.

Cornhole is so last year. Update dad's lawn game options with Rollors, a combination of horseshoes and bocce. The portable game kit includes two color-coded wooden goals and a set of oversized wooden discs (Rollors) that players roll toward each goal. Great for all ages, Rollors can be played in teams or one-on-one. The game's inventor is a U.S. Air Force veteran who first conceived of the game between overseas deployments. The company now employs veterans who construct the game components in their home workshops.

Ryobi has entered the garage door market with a model that does way more than raise and lower a door. The base unit offers 2 hp, a wall control, wireless keypad, two remotes, a safety sensor, and motion-controlled overhead LED lighting. Like most garage door openers, the unit plugs into a standard outlet, but is also part of the One+ product line, and so accommodates a One+ battery that gets charged when not in use, and can operate as back-up power for up to 100 open-and-close cycles if the power goes out. Other creative modules include a laser light parking assist, retractable cord reel, Bluetooth speaker, a fan, and a forthcoming carbon monoxide detector. The wi-fi compatible Ryobi One+ Garage Door Opener retails for $238, and accessory modules range from $44 to $64.

Give designer dads a refreshing set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens for their personal or professional design work. Recommended by Dallas-based architect Bob Borson, the pends feature brush tip on one end and a fine tip marker on the other. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains its point over time. Available for $3.19 each or in sets starting at $27 for 10, there are 96 colors available, including a colorless blender for shading.

No dad's toolbox is complete without a can of WD-40. The brand's has recently launched Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant to its Specialist line. The no-drop, no-mess lubricant and corrosion protectant won't make a mess, and is ideal for vertical surfaces and moving parts like chains and cables. The gel-like formula was developed with self-healing technology that softens to lubricate when there's friction. When the friction stops, it solidifies again to protect against rust and corrosion. WD-40 Specialist Spray & Stay Gel prevents rust for up to 1 year. Look for pricing around $9 per can.

Richard Smaltz

Offer dad a little extra safety as he checks off his to-do list with Werner's Podium Ladder. The design features an extra-large standing platform that lets users work facing any direction, while a wrap-around guardrail provides an extra point of support and a HolsterTop design to organize tools and accessories right where they're needed. Offering the same reach as a five-foot stepladder, the podium ladder is ideal for painting or projects that require working at fixed heights. The PDA363 aluminum model is lighter than the fiberglass podium ladder, easier to use than scaffolding, and provides a 250-pound load capacity. Priced at $89.

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