Todd Ray

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Design Tricks For Small Spaces

Make the most of limited square footage with these nine maneuvers. More

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Fire Island Vacation Home

How do you build a house on an island with no motor vehicles? How do you move building materials and bulky equipment from one place to another? With no subs living on the island, how do you transport them to the jobsite every day? More

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WORKING WITHIN tight limitations can yield spirited design, as this well-executed... More

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2007 Builder's Choice Winner: Wu-Bu

Working within tight limitations can yield spirited design, as this well-executed architectural maneuver proves. The program was simple: Renovate a bath on the top floor of a small row house and make its attic stair and attic space usable. The goal, says architect Todd Ray, was “to interweave all of the spaces to seem like pieces of a whole and extend the vertical spaces and connect them with light.” More

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