Sam Rashkin

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2021 IBSx Preview: Designing High-Performance Homes on a Dime

Building expert Sam Rashkin offers his insight on constructing cost-effective,... More

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2019: The Year to Go Passive?

The rigorous approach to home building is becoming more affordable—and more... More

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Home Design that Delivers Innovation in Ever Evolving Industry

Meritage Homes CEO Steve Hilton talks about current design that can meet future... More

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Innovation of the reNEWable Living Home Key to Future Demand

The ReNEWable Home and its cutting edge energy performance is endorsed by industry experts.In this short video, industry experts including Sam Rashkin, chief architect at the US Department of Energy Building Technology Office, endorse the innovation behind the heightened level of energy performance of the Meritage BUILDER reNEWable Living Home that was revealed this month in Orlando. Meritage Homes brings the importance and urgency of better performing homes to life with this concept project and plans to continue escalating the innovation into the future at a volume scale. More

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A Transition to New Process Could Mean Big Savings

A look at the impact of building with SIPs More

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Breaking Down Silos in the Building Industry

Sam Rashkin’s workshops deliver support and knowledge to drive innovation More

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The Opportunities & Challenges of Zero Net Energy Homes

The movement toward high-performance building has been gathering momentum—and even... More

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Zero Net Energy Homes: Selling & Messaging

Zero Net Energy Homes could be a great source of differentiation for builders, as... More

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A ‘Building Science Translator’: Sam Rashkin on How to Sell Zero Net Energy Homes

BUILDER editor Jennifer Goodman talks with Department of Energy Building Technologies Office chief Sam Rashkin, who's spearheading a new program to get builders of energy-efficient homes to use words that appeal to consumers, not turn them off. More

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