Richard Green

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California’s Housing Fault Line: Shifting Demographics

USC economist and demographer share insights and concerns about California’s... More

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Solving the Millennial Dilemma: Discovery Session

Housing industry leaders extrapolate on the challenges Millennials — and the industry as a whole — face in finding homes and sustaining the industry for future generations. More

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Changes to MID Seen as Increasingly Likely

The consequences of eliminating or limiting the tax break for mortgage borrowers are being debated. More

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Presidential Candidates Mostly Mum on How They'd Fix Housing

Industry officials are perplexed at Obama's and Romney's unwillingness to assume leadership positions on this sector's problems. More

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Principal Forgiveness May Save GSEs $1.7 Billion

With new incentives from the Treasury, FHFA may be legally obligated to implement a write-off program. More

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New Lending Rules Will Have Little Short-Term Impact on Builders

Many lenders have already tightened standards because of the housing slump and rising foreclosures. More

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