Donald Trump

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The Top Five Political Issues Affecting Builders

From tariffs to taxes, these politically charged topics impact building pros... More

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Tariffs Impede the American Dream

Supply-side hurdles are putting housing out of reach for many people in the U.S. More

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Trump Calls for "See-Through" Borderwall

The president also tweeted: "If we don’t have a wall system, we’re not going to... More

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Trump Likely to be a Plus for Construction Industry

Dodge Data & Analytics researchers see Donald Trump's election to president as a... More

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Decision 2016: Builders React

From excitement to dismay, U.S. builders and industry pros are reeling from Donald... More

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Super Tuesday Roundup

BUILDER rounds up its Trump coverage on the biggest primary day of the year. More

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The Trump Effect: The Building Industry’s Most Political Animals

These five builders, developers, and housing advocates have used their industry... More

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Architects File Liens Against Chicago's Spire

The developer says there is a contractual dispute and that the project is not financially threatened. More

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