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Selling on the Small Screen

Home builders use YouTube advertisements to reach shoppers. More

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Two Builders Strive for Greatness

DSLD Homes in Louisiana and Couture Homes in Florida are this year's America's Best Builders. More

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Builders Share Social Media Strategies That Win

Once mastered, social media can yield dramatic results. Four builders share how they've found success. More

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Internet Marketing Gets More Complicated—and Simpler

The battle looming between Google and Facebook could be a boon to savvy builders. More

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Social Media Puts Builders Where Their Customers Converge and Converse

Companies look to create a sense of community about their products and neighborhoods. More

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10 Ways to Improve Your Performance During the Spring Selling Season

The all-important spring selling season becomes even more significant this year with a slow housing market and temporary home buyer tax credits. Here are 10 tips to improve your chances of having a successful campaign. More

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Barratt American Hires Director of Social Networking

The next time you’re on MySpace, check out my buddy Barratt American. According to his profile, Barratt is 28, from the U.S., single, an Aquarius, and male. “I had to list a gender,” explains Paul Chirco, social network developer at the Carlsbad, Calif.–based builder. More

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