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Treasury Defers Tax Payments for Households, Small Businesses

In COVID-19 response, certain groups can defer up to 90 days with no penalties or... More

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Treasury to Begin Selling Off Mortgage Securities

The department will sell up to $10 billion of its portfolio each month. More

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Plan to Wind Down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Unveiled

The Obama Administration has put forward three possible plans for the replacement of the GSEs. More

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Mortgage Rates Likely to Remain Low Despite End of Treasury’s MBS Purchase Program

Government sought to lower rates by buying mortgage-backed securities. More

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U.S. Treasury Sweetens Deal For Short Sales

Details about incentives to servicers and troubled homeowners to accept short sales are expected soon. More

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Obama Attempts to End the Foreclosure Cycle

Plan would allow ‘responsible homeowners’ to refinance underwater home loans and offer support and incentives to homeowners, lenders, and servicers to keep people in their homes. More

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Latest Bailout Plan Will Include Foreclosure Relief

Treasury Secretary emphasizes “financial stability” and “responsibility” for programs that could exceed $2.5 trillion in additional public and private spending. More

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Builders Wonder Whether Government Will Buy Troubled Construction Loans

Treasury has authority to do so, thanks to $700 billion bailout. More

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Government Officials Use GSE Takeover to Bolster Divergent Agendas

Politicians and policymakers put the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in larger, and sometimes different, contexts. More

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