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Builders in Top 50 Markets Close With A Flourish

Builders mostly outpace their markets and publics prevail, but not everywhere. More

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Three Builders Look Beyond Survival to Better Days

At Builder 100 conference, companies say they are already building smaller, efficient homes for a changing customer base. More

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6 Lessons For Builders From the Housing Bust

A brutal housing recession raises questions about standard operating procedures in the home building business. More

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Builders Who Can't Sell Lease Their Excess Homes

Locking in buyers and offloading carrying costs, lease-to-purchase programs help diffuse some builders' inventory loads. More

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Struggling Builders Expand their Construction Activities to Remodeling and Commercial Work

Struggling builders turn to remodeling and commercial work, some for the long haul. More

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Builders incentives may have done as much harm as good

Mountains of unsold inventory spurred extravagant sales incentives. But customer relations and the perceived value of a house got lost in the shuffle. More

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