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The Plastic Building Product Revolution

With factories running 24 hours a day to meet demand, makers of plastic-based... More

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Golden Glow, part III

Never have the Golden Nuggets winners been more responsive to local settings in their use of materials and details and more romantic as a result. More

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Flying High

Stapleton, situated on the 4,700-acre site of Denver's former airport, was... More

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The active adult development community eagerly anticipated The Mews. Research among local consumers by Goswick Communications, based in Houston, found not only a desire for a variety of housing types in various smaller-scaled neighborhoods but also a strong desire for a gate-guarded community. More

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Developers Who Make It Work

Seven developers who got creative in overcoming development obstacles. More

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Gathering Storm

Thanks to flat earnings, escalating mold and home defect lawsuits, increasing worker compensation claims, and the enormous losses suffered Sept. 11 by the reinsurance industry that stands behind the major insurers, insurance rates are skyrocketing. You have a full-blown forest fire, where we are seeing renewals coming in at 50 percent rate increases, even 100 percent or more," says Bob Rusbuldt, CEO of the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA), a Washington-based trade association. Due to inaction by Congress before it adjourned in late December, it appeared as though "insurance coverage for acts of terror is likely to become virtually unavailable after Jan. 1," when 70 percent of the reinsurance policies expire, Rusbuldt warns. More

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