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Cultivating a Culture of Effective Closers in Sales

‘The modern buyer is bombarded with an array of choices, leading to what is... More

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Navigating the ‘Bananas’ Housing Market of 2024

Strategies for staying ahead in an unpredictable housing landscape. More

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IBS 2024: What Makes a Great Sales Leader and a Great Sales Hire?

From training and development to actively recruiting during good business periods,... More

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Why Builders Have Positive Outlooks for the Spring Selling Season

Demographics, pent-up demand, and cycle time normalization have builders feeling... More

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IBS 2024: How the Sales Team Can Help Buyers Overcome Fear

By shifting focus away from fear and transferring confidence to buyers, Ryan Taft... More

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The Power of Curiosity in the Sales Process: Q+A With Ryan Taft

Shore Consulting’s Taft discusses the inspiration for his new book ‘Storygetter’... More

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Jeff Shore: The Three ‘R’s’ of Self-Generated Traffic

It’s not easy to sell in this market, but these tips can help sales teams close... More

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Why Jeff Shore Still Sends Handwritten Notes

When selling new homes, leaving a lasting impression can pay dividends. More

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Sales Manager Survey Finds Gap Between Perception and Performance

Better and more consistent measurement of their salespeople would help. More

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