Robson Resort Communities

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Silicon Valley Infill Project Maximizes Small Site to Great Effect

Jewel-like exteriors and airy interiors help homes on scarce, expensive lots live large More

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The Cloud is Calling

Learn how cloud-based software services bring ease and transparency into job site communications. Plus, five providers popular with builders. More

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Longtime Arizona Contractor Closes Its Doors

Schuck & Sons goes down just as Phoenix's housing market is reviving. More

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Rumor and Reality in the Valley of the Sun

The foreclosure nightmare may not be keeping some Phoenix builders from at least dreaming about higher prices. More

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Prime Suspects

By March, Steve Soriano could see the tsunami that the non-prime mortgage crisis was creating. Soriano is executive vice president of Robson Communities, which targets high-end active adult prospects who, he says, are having a harder time selling their homes because buyers can't secure financing from mortgage companies that are tightening eligibility requirements. More

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