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Urban Vs. Suburban Markets

Will “walkable” suburbs be the housing industry’s future? More

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Opportunities in Urban Infill Housing

Urban locations are ripe with opportunity for savvy builders willing to do their homework. More

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Forecasters Hedge Bets on Improvements in Housing Market for 2011

Job growth will be key to spurring buyer demand. More

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Economic and Environmental Experts Comment on Energy Use and Green Building.

Economic and environmental experts see problems and solutions in terms of changing personal behaviors. More

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Builders Break Out of Industry's Holding Pattern

Some builders didn't let a down market impede their growth last year. But gaining market share meant selling a smaller product. More

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New Survey Definitively Defines the Green Interests and Investments of Prospective Home Buyers

A new report definitively defines the green interests and investments of prospective home buyers. More

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