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Urban Supply and Suburban Demand Put Housing in a Tail Spin

The rise of remote working during the coronavirus crisis has led many to rethink... More

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Redfin Data Shows Second Home Purchases Supporting Housing's Come Back

Online real estate firm Redfin has seen a notable snapback in home buying. Because... More

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Post COVID-19 Predictions About Housing Starting To Emerge

Some believe prices will not see much of a drop. More

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The Cities Where CARES Act Checks Will Help Renters and Homeowners the Most

Two thirds of homeowners in Indianapolis, Ind. will be able to pay most or all of... More

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Homebuyers Requesting Video Tours

New data from Redfin shows the real estate business continuing to move online. More

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iBuyer Realogy Suspends Cash Offers

Other iBuyers have also pushed pause in the volatile market. More

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