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Pyrolave's Lava Stone Integrated Sinks and Countertops

New integrated sinks and countertops let Pyrolave's lava stone material make a bold design statement in the bathroom. More

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Under The Volcano

These sinks from Pyrolave are made with lava stone extracted from volcanic craters in France. More

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Pyrolave’s Colorful, Rounded Basin

Lava-stone manufacturer Pyrolave plays with circular and elliptical forms in shaping the latest addition to its sink collection. More

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Glossy Vermillon by Pyrolave

Glossy vermillon, the latest enameled surface color for Pyrolave’s lava stone countertops, adds a fiery hue to the collection. More

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Lava Flow

Pyrolave enameled volcanic lavastone is impact- and scratch-resistant and available in more than 5,000 colors. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for applications such as countertops, floors, walls, and decorative motifs. New pale shades, earthtones, and bright colors are available. More

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