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Infrastructure Spending to Offset ‘Tough’ Housing Market for Building Materials Sector

Moody’s Investors Service projects a 15% decline in new construction spending and... More

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ADP: 172,000 Nonfarm Jobs Added in June, 5,000 Shed in Construction

Despite a soft result in June, the construction industry is expected make gains in... More

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ADP: 213,000 Jobs Added in September; 35,000 in Manufacturing

The latest employment report marks the sixth consecutive month of job gains above... More

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Private Insurance Fee Proposal Could Raise Mortgage Costs

Wall Street Journal staffer Joe Light reports that proposed requirements for an... More

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10 Prime Markets for First-Time Home Buyers

A special report on which metro areas are winning the greatest share of first-time... More

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Healthiest Housing Markets: Mid-2011 Update

It's time to take a second look at the healthiest housing markets for this year and next. More

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Zandi's Housing Forecast Still Brighter Than His Peers'

This week he told a gathering of builders in Chicago that barriers to home purchases are abating. More

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Foreclosures Drop, but a Shadow Still Looms

While delays continue to allow foreclosure numbers to drop, 3.7 million homes with delinquent mortgages are waiting in the wings. More

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