Method Homes

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Cutting Back on Jobsite Debris

Modular building company offers energy-efficient, high-quality homes with very little waste. More

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A High-Style Modular Option for up to 45% Less

A Seattle-based modular builder says it has cracked the code to offering high-end custom homes at nearly half the price of site-built. More

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Revised Guidance for Homes With Chinese Drywall

The method for identifying homes built or remodeled using imported drywall that could be the cause of corrosion, system failures, and respiratory ailments has been amended. More

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Embracing Modular Building

Some custom builders are reaping the benefits of the streamlined,... More

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Gassing the Chinese Drywall Problem

The company that killed anthrax in government buildings says the same solution fixes caustic Chinese drywall. More

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Pennsylvania Builder Wins $100,000 to Try Prefab

A trade promotion by Excel Homes seeks to dispel myths about modular construction. More

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Strictly Business: Lessons Learned

I recently had the opportunity to moderate a panel of builders who have been... More

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Market Smarts: Getting Connected

Imagine waiting for a commuter train, checking messages and e-mail on your PDA or... More

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A Single Network

Hard as it may be to believe, it's really possible for a home builder to mesh... More

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