McStain Neighborhoods

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Southern Land Co. Announces Builder Team at Denver Master Plan Westerly

Three builders, including two local companies, will build homes in the new Erie,... More

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The Spring Selling Season 2011: What's Working

BUILDER conducted an informal survey to find out how home builders across the country are faring. More

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Chapter 11 Reshapes Builders Emerging From It

But changes to their operations are attributed more to market conditions instead of bankruptcy. More

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9 Tough Breaks For The Housing Industry In 2009

Builders had to deal with new appraisal rules, limited lending, Chinese drywall, and more. More

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Denver's McStain Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The employee-owned green builder wants to hold off creditors so it can finish building the homes it has sold. More

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McStain CEO Steps Down to Cut Costs

Wittenberg: 'It's tough to put your own name on the cut list.' More

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Green Building Pioneer Tom Hoyt, Co-Founder of McStain Neighborhoods, Talks About Sustainability

Tom Hoyt has been committed to sustainable building practices for decades. Over the years, some things have gotten easier, such as the availability of green products. Others, most notably unwieldy zoning and building codes, have produced new headaches. Whatever the challenges, they're worth the results. More

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