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9 Home Features Your Buyers Don’t Know They Need

These features can be top selling points—and upgrade opportunities—but customers... More

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Recessed LED Lights Take Off in Kitchen Projects

Subtlety, style, and energy-efficiency are among these fixtures' main appeals. More

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Top Design Trends from an Expert

Evoke emotions with interesting design and sales will soar, says IBS presenter and... More

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A Model of Success: 5 Keys to a Better Design Center and Model Home

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Appeal to buyers--and... More

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Updated Design Gives Home Buyers a Reason to Choose New Over Used

Experts offer updates to industry standbys to accommodate the way homeowners live today. More

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Hot Selling Neighborhoods Defy the Housing Slump

Meet 10 projects with vitality that defied the slump. More

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