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Tool Manufacturers Target Specialty Contracting Work

New tools to help you tackle those specialized tasks. More

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Rockwell Power Tools LithiumTech Drills

LithiumTech Drill/Drivers Offer Battery Replacement for Life More

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Plunge Circular Saw

Makita's new SP6000K rail-guided 6 1/2-inch Plunge Circular Saw features an... More

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Lithium-ion gives cordless tools the edge

Once upon a time, power tools came with a cord and life was good. Then came cordless, and life got better. Today, as more manufacturers adopt and perfect lithium-ion battery technology, tool users can be downright giddy at the prospects. More

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ReBar ReDefined: Three Tools That Will Steel Your Heart

If there's a building material that's less fun to work with than rebar, I haven't found it. Now, three tool companies have changed the landscape, and if I had a steady diet of rebar work day-in and day-out, these tools would definitely be on my truck. More

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Cutting Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is unlike any other siding product I've ever worked with. For the contractor who measures siding jobs by the square mile, not the square foot, I think the $1,150 Pacific International SS110A Pneumatic Production Shear is the Cadillac. More

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