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A Look at Income Inequality, Hour by Hour

Wall Street Journal staffer Josh Zumbrun looks at a new study by the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank, breaks down Labor Department data on hourly earnings to show income disparity even at the level of hourly wages (paywall). More

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Laid-Off Workers Are On a Big-Time Rebound

For the first time in six years, a Labor Department survey shows most long-tenured workers laid off from full-time jobs and returning to work full time are not taking pay cuts. More

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Utah Gives North Dakota a Run for the Money on Job Creation

Wall Street Journal staffer Eric Morath reports from Labor Department data... More

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Zandi: Jobs "Traction"

New York Times staffer Dionne Searcey's account of Friday's employment report from the Labor Department--highlighted by 209,000 jobs created in July, and an unemployment rate inched up to 6.2%--features comments from Mark Zandi, who noted that jobs and income gains were widely dispersed. More

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Jobless Benefit Claims Tick Up After 14-Year Lowpoint

Initial jobless claims climbed by 23,000 to 302,000 in the seven days ended July... More

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Top Industry In Most States? Health or Social Assistance

Wall Street Journal staffer Matt Stiles picks up on Labor Department data that... More

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Financial Services Job Migration Previews New-Home Demand Trend

The smart money is betting big that a new jobs-to-new-household-formations-to-home-buying virtuous cycle will end all doubts about whether young adults will buy homes in numbers sufficient to support a housing rebound. Here, we get a look at the strong correlation between job formations--in this case, financial services job formation--and new-home demand in microcosm form. Markets that New Geography demographers Joel Kotkin and Michael Shire identify as absorbing new financial services jobs are showing especially strong demand and growth in new-home sales. Our Data Desk's Katie Gloede blended New Geography's leading metros for financial services employment with new-home sales data from Metrostudy's Builder Insight to arrive at the "Top 10 Financial Jobs Growth Magnets for New-Home Sales." More

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Lots o' Labor by 2019?

The construction industry pledged to hire 100,000 veterans by 2019 at a conference  sponsored by the Labor Department and the initiative Joining Forces. More

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