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Is There a Business Case for Health in Housing?

Jason McLennan addresses the HIVE audience with ideas on how to marry health and... More

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Decking: Market Trends, New Products, and Why Wood is Making a Comeback

When will manufacturers’ new-product value propositions match contractors’ confidence in the products’ jobsite performance? Soon, some experts say, as synthetic boards get a value-added redux and wood preservative makers tweak their treatments. Plus: How to upsell with outdoor living, and the latest in deck screws. More

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Building Products Labelling Program Launches

The system from the International Living Future Institute aims to help building... More

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Net Zero Certification Program Launched

The International Living Future Institute's certification program is focused on energy conservation and controlling carbon emissions. More

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Living Buildings Offer Financial Incentives

A new study shows the cost effectiveness of Cascadia Green Building Council's Living Building Rating System for homes and other buildings. More

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Geometry Lesson

The striking house overlooking a bend in Northern Virginia's Occoquan River was no job for a builder whose repertoire was limited to the area's typical five over four and a door. The home's design, in fact, isn't typical in any way: Its form is composed of simple geometric shapes combined in a very complex way, and its materials have more in common with commercial building than residential. More

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