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How To Streamline the Solar Integration and Storage Process

Check out Home Innovation’s guide to solar storage and more streamlined solar PV... More

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Number of Installed Light Fixtures Increases in New Builds

The average number of interior lighting fixtures per new single-family detached... More

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Annual HIRL Survey Reveals Builder Insulation Preferences

The price point of a home, a builder’s firm size, and geographic location impact... More

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Decline in Average Home Size Creates Several Unexpected Effects

A recent Home Innovation Research Labs survey finds the decrease in average... More

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Industry Associations Team Up to Promote Trench Safety Event

The 2019 Trench Safety Stand Down will focus on trench and excavation hazards and... More

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When and Where Off-Site Housing Technologies Will Emerge

Ed Hudson, director of market research at Home Innovation Research Labs, reflects... More

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How Builders Can Navigate Sudden Price Shifts

Tariffs and other product-related factors are impacting the cost of new homes,... More

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Five Challenges Builders Face in Meeting Current Energy Codes

In a recent survey, 85% of builders admitted to facing difficulties when trying to... More

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Hardwood Tops Home Buyers’ Flooring Preferences

With more product offerings and growing demand, builders are turning to hardwood... More

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