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As the Fog of Recession Lifts, Builders Take Stock in How They've Changed

More focus on customers, less focus on opening new markets inform builders' business models today. More

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Builders Scramble to Meet Tax-Credit Closing Deadline

Most builders say they’re on target to complete and close houses, but they're worried about buyers who still haven’t gotten mortgages yet. More

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Healthiest Housing Markets 2009: Fall Update

The new and improved BUILDER Market Health Index, compiled by Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, now accounts for a market's median income growth. More

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Builders look beyond turmoil with trepidation

The next six months will be tough sledding, but might also present growth opportunities. More

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Builders Break Out of Industry's Holding Pattern

Some builders didn't let a down market impede their growth last year. But gaining market share meant selling a smaller product. More

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