Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies

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Price-to-Income Ratio Reaches Record High

The median home in 2022 cost almost six times the median household income,... More

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Homeowner Mobility Declines Amid Rising Mortgage Rates

Declining mobility rates could lead to labor market inefficiencies, job... More

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JCHS: High Rates Continue to Hold Back Home Buyers

Elevated home prices and rents are causing homeownership to remain out of reach... More

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Annual Report Forecasts Home Prices and Rents to Cool Amid Rising Rates and Production Increases

Rising interest rates, double-digit home price appreciation, and an imbalance of... More

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JCHS: Concentration in Home Building Driven by Largest Firms

According to a report, the top two firms now build more homes than the combined... More

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Herbert Weighs in on COVID-19’s Impact on Housing

The head of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies will keynote AHF Live. More

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The Rise of Non-Traditional Households, according to U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey

Census data shows continued rise in households headed by single men, single women. More

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