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For Sale: Lots at Good Terms

Black Orchid Equity, which recently bought thousands of distressed lots from Rialto Capital, is parsing them out to builders with terms that allow the builder to pay for the lots after the homes are constructed. More

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Success Strategy: Affordable Standard Features

Start-up Westan Homes offers low-cost, but high-impact upgrades to compete with larger builders. More

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Builders Look Forward After a Buoyant 2012

Expansion is now in the cards again for many companies in the 2013 Builder 100... More

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What Does Sequestration Mean for Home Building?

As the government cuts begin to take hold, builders are trying to gauge what the impact will be on housing's rebound. More

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As It Expands, North Carolina’s H&H Homes Bolsters Its Personnel

The company's marketing, finance, and purchasing departments get new faces. More

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The Spring Selling Season 2011: What's Working

BUILDER conducted an informal survey to find out how home builders across the country are faring. More

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Builders Await New Leads From Government Shakeup of Military Bases

But some wonder if estimates about new jobs and people in their markets might be exaggerated. More

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Builder 100: The Housing Industry Finally Hits Bottom In 2009

But uncertainties such as rising mortgage rates and impending foreclosures leave a strong recovery in 2010 in doubt. More

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