General Electric

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Net-Zero Energy Homes

GE plans for solutions that will enable builders to provide net-zero energy homes by 2015. More

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Supply Chain Progress

During the rise of the internet era in the late 1990s, while the automotive,... More

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What's in a Name?

Four of the most prominent companies in the home-technology business have banded together under the General Electric brand name to partner with large national home builders via exclusive marketing agreements. More

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CHDA Resources

The products used in this year's winning Custom Home Design Award homes. More

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Legrand Merger

A recent merger whittles down the structured wiring market to a handful of major... More

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Sales Aids

Anticipating that the competition to close sales will increase as interest rates rise in 2004, GE Mortgage Insurance launched a Web site in January that lets builders offer buyers discounts on consumer items. More

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