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Southern Springboard

WHEN ONTARIO, CALIF.–based Frontier Homes finalized its $29 million purchase of the real estate assets of bankrupt builder Turner-Dunn in February, it not only established its first beachhead in Arizona, but possibly set the stage for further growth in the Southwestern U.S. More

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Scout Support: Frontier Homes

Frontier Homes' founder and CEO James L. Previti has something in common with the likes of both President George W. Bush and Gen. Colin Powell. He recently joined their ranks when the California's Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America honored Previti with the Distinguished Citizen of the Year award for 2006. More

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At a Glance

As the nation's 104th largest builder, Frontier Homes closed on 8 percent more homes in 2005 than 2004, generating a 52 percent jump in gross revenues to $308 million. In 2006, the company expects to close on roughly 1,000 homes. More

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Planning Ahead

Two fast-growing companies positioned themselves to grow even larger through recently announced deals. In California, Victorville-based Frontier Homes, an entry-level and move-up builder headed by James Previti Jr., took over management of high-end builder Prestige Homes, founded by Previti's father, James Previti Sr. With the acquisition, Frontier Homes anticipates building more than 2,000 homes in 2006. More

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James Previti

Profile of James Previti, owner/CEO of Frontier Homes. More

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