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8 Outdoor Living Features Homeowners Crave in 2021

A roundup of current outdoor living trends reveals how homeowners want to live... More

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Nonresidential growth to fuel above-average siding market gains through 2016

The siding market is expecting 8.4% annual growth in demand through 2016 to reach 96.5 million squares at a value of $11.4 billion. More

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Roofing Demand Forecast to Rise 5.7% Annually Through 2015

The Freedonia Group expects a turnaround from the 6.1% annual drop in sales between 2005 and 2010. More

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Decking Demand Predicted to Rise

Freedonia says composite, plastic products will enjoy double-digit gains, but wood will still account for most of the product sold. More

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Window and Door Demand Forecast to Rise 6.6% Annually Through 2014

Fiberglass, vinyl products expected to outpace metal, wood. More

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Speedup in Demand for Countertops Forecast

Freedonia Group predicts growth rate for 2008-2013 will hit 2.4% per year. More

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